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Orange County~Mind Body Spirit Business Network Meeting

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Orange County~Mind Body Spirit Business Network Meeting


Come and join us for our monthly dinner meeting for the Orange County Chapter of the Mind~Body~Spirit Business Network coming up this 4th Wednesday, September 24th. People start arriving between 6:30pm - 7:30pm at the Wyndham Hotel, Costa Mesa.

This is a GREAT opportunity to grow and promote your business, service or share your products with other like-minded professionals, and allow synchronicity to run WILD!!

We continue to offer:
* 2 Networking Sessions - (before and after dinner)
* Dinner (Vegetarian selection available)
* Personal Introductions
* 1 hour seminar
* Door Prizes

Guest Speaker: Barbara Lamb

Barbara Lamb - author of internationally acclaimed best selling book "Crop Circles Revealed: Language of the Light Symbols" has been featured on "The History Channel", "The Learning Channel", numerous TV shows such as "Encounter", "The Other Side", "Hard Copy" and many Radio Shows such as "Coast to Coast" regarding the crop circle phenomenon.

Many ancient sources indicate that interaction between other worldly beings and humans may have been occurring for thousands of years. According to polls, at least 5 million Americans have had these experiences; and it is a worldwide phenomenon. Barbara has found that there is often a deeper meaning in these other worldly encounters.

Today people are beginning to realize that these interactions can be a benevolent one and that these beings are extremely concerned about the ways in which we are treating our precious earth. They want to help us change the ways of humanity and save our planet - before it is too late. Join us, as we experience the truly Awe Inspiring Wonder of light orbs and the crop circle phenomenon!

08-08-08 Crop Circle at Milk Hill, England
On the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the twenty first century the number eight appeared in one of the fields of Wiltshire, England. The number eight is a very meaningful number to the Chinese - as it is also to many religions of the world.

The sheer scale of this formation is a marvel to behold. Many people were walking among its many circles in awe and wonder.

Pre-Registration and pre-payment for all events are required, so please call 949-515-8727 or email to reserve your space and make your dinner selection. Payment must be received by Tuesday, September 23th by check, Visa or Mastercard. We require a 24 hour cancellation notice.

Non-member registration price: $45.00

I look forward to seeing you all there and Co-Creating an Inspiring and Empowering 2008 together!!! Make this the year for Transformation!
Debbie Donovan
Mind~Body~Spirit Business Network
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Wyndham Hotel
3350 Avenue of the Arts · Costa Mesa, CA
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